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Dienstleistungen für den Online-Handel auf diversen Märkten, wie Consumer Electronics, Lebensmittelindustrie, Medizinbranche, Kleidung usw.

Zu den Aufgaben gehören:

- Pflege der sozialen Netzwerke wie YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok etc.

- Grafische Gestaltung von Fotografien und Video Bearbeitung

- Erstellung von Onlineshops & Websites

- Online Marketing

- Erstellung von Produktfotos & Videos

- Eventfotografie

- Hochzeitsfotografie

- Sport fotografieren


A talented photographer has the skills to turn ordinary moments into something magical. I’m a professional freelance photographer offering a range of photography service that suits the needs of my clients. I’m passionate about finding that perfect angle and moment and am devoted to producing unique images that stand the test of time – images that fill my clients with joy or serve a commercial need.

As someone immersed in photography, I know it’s important to understand your needs and aspirations. Whether it’s a project or an event, I devote great attention to making your vision come to life. I’m flexible, create impressive, original images full of flair and at a reasonable price. I offer fast processing without compromising on quality and deliver the final photographs on time. I use the best quality of equipment, work patiently for a positive outcome.

For over 5 years, I’ve taken pride in making my clients delighted with my results and look forward to working with you. Please contact me for a detailed chat about your needs and I hope to hear from you soon.


Selected clients

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